Greetings and Aspirations for the New Year

Greetings to all from BON ART. As we prepare for the coming year one can hardly see through the smog of delhi. Things are picking up over the last week.

This year we must prepare for the future and look at the past for inspiration. New paintings are here and an exhibition will be held soon. Jena and Rana among others. We are cutting down on the paintings to a select few which are more awe inspiring.

The Art District of Lado Sarai has been renovated with a new road being built. We hope you the readers visit us soon. BON ART has one observable change in that we are shifting focus to the masters. The painters considered to be the Indian legends and are capable of demand and sales around the world. MF Hussain paintings and seriographs are in demand. Of all the artists motion in a painting, the fluid strokes are best found on a Hussain, specially his paintings of horses. Perhaps we may go for a charity event soon which is badly needed.

Ecommerce is gaining ground in india be it groceries and we are studing the possibility of launching an ecommerce site with the desire for international buyers and the dollar payment. Reading of auctions one realizes that the painting a 1000 years old are being sold so surely your paintings from us be it a day old or a hundred years will not fade away. What Delhi needs is higher levels of literacy, wherefrom the people would make the right choices. An eye for an eye would only make the world go blind. Henceforth vigilantism should also not happen. We must have a cultural revolution even if butter chicken is firmly on the menu. Yes aesthetic beauty as the saying goes good looks fade fast so building an art collection is a big moral booster.

Beauty on Canvas measures up BON ART at the moment
We believe current Indian art to be superior to all else. At the moment the gallery looks like a gallery with rare art to sum it up. Art impressive for both lovers and investors.

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